14 –15 June 2019: 1st Ikarian Film Festival in Brussels

We are happy and proud to present to you the 1st Ikarian Film Festival. Ikarians are known to be good narrators… this might be one of the reasons why so many well known Greek filmmakers have their roots on this remote Greek island. The aim of the festival is to present three generations of Ikarian filmmakers to the European public. For this „Friends of Ikaria“ is cooperating with „Art-Base“ and „La Serre Communa“.

During the two days you will get to know to Antonis Glaros, an award-winning emerging film director, who will show his recent short film „Chandellier“.

Xenofon Vardaros, also an award-winning filmmaker from Ikaria, will introduce us to his new documentary „The Partisans of Athens“, that tells about the Resistance during the Nazi occupation of Athens.

And we are very happy to have Nikoletta Georgakopoulou with us, who will present videos that young Ikarians made under her guidance during several summer camps on the island.

In memory of the famous Ikarian filmmaker Spyros Teskos, who sadly passed away in March 2019, we will show his award-winning documentary „Nikaria mou“ – a film that explains the particularities of life on Ikaria.

The film-festival will be accompanied by food, wine and local products from Ikaria.

And: on Saturday, 15 June 2019, Nikoletta Georgakopoulou is offering a video workshop: „Let’s fly with Ikaros through images and sounds“ to Brussels youngsters (11 – 16 years). Here they will produce a stop-motion animation film about the Greek myth of Ikaros, which will connect them with the island Ikaria.

Where? When?

Friday, 14 June 2019, at „Art-Base“, 20.00 h, Rue des Sables, 29; 1000 Brussels
Films: „Nikaria mou“ by Spyros Teskos; Videos made by young Ikarians

Saturday, 15 June 2019, at „La Serre“, 20.00 h, Rue Gray 173, 1050 Ixelles-Brussels
Films: „Chandellier“ by Antonis Glaros; „The Partisans of Athens“ by Xenofon Vardaros

The presentation of the films is followed by discussions and music.

AND: Video-Workshop: Saturday, 15 June 2019, at „La Serre“, 16.00 h – 19.00 h; Ticket: 5.00 EUR


12.50 EUR (food and drinks not included), 10.00 EUR for students/children under 15 years

Tickets are available from 20 May at:

  • Art-Base, Rue des Sables 29, 1000 Brussels
  • Périple -Greek book-shop, Rue Froissart 115, 1040 Brussels

Or: make the online payment

(Please note: The income of these event goes directly for projects on Ikaria)