Local products from Ikaria – and how they find their way to Brussels

Ikaria is well known for the high quality of its local products. Among many others, the honey, the wine, the “sweet spoon” (glyko), sea-fennel (kritamo) and herbs are of outstanding quality.

Some of the Ikarian products have found their way to the global market, but only few had been known in Brussels. On that background it was clear for us that „Friends of Ikaria“ would take the initiative to promote local Ikarian products at our events.

Since the very beginning, Ikarian wine was an important ingredient of our panigyris. So far we bought wine from the following Ikarian wine-makers: Karimalis, Afianes and Tsantiris. We did not only serve it the panigyris, but we could also sell the bottles in the aftermath of the events at a slightly higher price; the difference is an additional small income for our association.

We also bought other Ikarian products – honey (Karimalis), “glyko” (Teskos), herbs/tea (Throubi), kritamo (Trikiriotis)– and they found a good responce on the Brussels market. Recently we could also add the new Ikarian beer, the “Ikariotissa”, which got its fans in the „beer country“ of Belgium.

We are trying various ways of selling the local products: at our events and sometimes we even delivered them at the doorsteps of our customers. In 2019 we were invited by „A Discovering Network“, a Brussels based network promoting Greek products, to participate at the “the feast of the bread” – an event that is taking place on an annual basis in the very heart of the European quarter and which is attracting several hundred people. It was a great pleasure for us to present the Ikarian products and to promote the island.

Since 2015 we have bought more than 5,000 EUR products from Ikaria, supporting the local producers and the economy with the income from our events. Yet, it is not our primary intention to sell local products and to spend the income of our events for buying and selling them. Taking into account our limited financial and personal resources we need to think about how we can continue to develop these activities.

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