Holidays and volunteer work on Ikaria – April 2020

Long term planning – Save the date: 13 – 17 April 2020

We did it already from 2017 till 2019 and we are ready to do it again, because we still did not finish the job. So the goal remains: From the East to West on Ikaria – let’s hike and support the work on the “Transikarian Trail”.

In April 2020 we would like to organize 4th „Volunteer Hiking Holiday on Ikaria. We would like to continue our journey in exploring Ikaria outside the high season and to dive into the world of the mountains. Despite the fact that different associations are already cleaning and marking the hiking paths on Ikaria there is still a lot to do on the so called “Atheras Ridge walk”.

In 2020 our volunteer work will lead us from Akamatra, a village in the middle of the Ikaria, further down to Fradato, located in the West of the Ikaria.

AND: In particular, we are going to work on this section (the Crossing of Pounta), so you may check this link, too:

In cooperation with the Hiking Club of Ikaria „Opsikarias”, the local association of Akamatra and other associations of the island we will work from Monday, 12 April 2020 ( = Easter Monday in Europe), and Friday, 17 April 2019 ( = Holy Friday in Greece), which will give us a good chance to learn more about Easter festivities on Ikaria.

  • During the holidays we will accommodated in Akamatra – either in a community house or in private houses.
  • The prices will be: 20,- EUR/person incl. breakfast.
  • During your stay rental cars will be available at a special price.
  • Be assured: besides the “volunteer” work you will have plenty of time to relax and make your own trips.

So if you are interested to be part of a group of “Friends of Ikaria”, who would like to work with Ikarians on this kind of project, you are welcome to send your subscription to: More info will follow!

If you are interested in the results we have achieved so far you may have a look at this blog, written by OPSIkarias: « Summary of last year’s work »