Ikarian Panigyri in Brussels 16 November 2019

Yes, we will organise it again, because we want to spoil you to a maximum! We want the Ikarian summer feeling lightening up grey winter days…. and we want to collect money for important projects on Ikaria.

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Saturday, 16 November 2019, 7.30 p. m.


Place Saint Catherine, 1000 Brussels/Belgium


To collect funds for 2 projects on Ikaria

And they are coming for you:

    • Music: “Marios and his orchestra”
    • Cooking: Nicholas Koundoupis and his friends
    • Dances: Christiana Katsarou 

Local products for sale!

Besides fun, the event is dedicated to collect money for TWO MAJOR projects on Ikaria:

Supporting the Volunteer Firebrigades on Ikaria

As you know, volunteer firebrigades are doing an important job, not only to prevent and extinguish fires, but they are also doing numerous other volunteer work, such as cleaning the villages, being part of rescue teams, wherever needed. In order to do so they need appropriate equipment and this starts with functioning devices.

On Ikaria the volunteer fire brigaders in AVLAKI and in AGIOS KIRIKOS are in urgent need of additional cars. So – like in the past – we would like to support them and we will dedicate a part of the income of the “Ikarian Panigyri” to these associations for their specific projects: to buy 2nd hand additional cars. Each association is in need of 1 car and “Friends of Ikaria” will be at their side in order to organise and to finance them.

Project “planting trees on Ikaria”

Climate change is not longer only a word, but it has become a serious every day problem. On Ikaria you might have noticed that during winter heavy rains caused numerous erosions, leading not only to damages of streets and water supply systems, but also to manifold problems for the Ikarians. Against this background we would like to support initiatives of various associations on Ikaria to plant trees.

Trees are the best means to prevent erosion and to keep the climate intact. This is certainly a long term project, which needs careful planning, dedication and a broad support. But we would like to start, because an activity like this corresponds to the aim of our association: to support Ikarian activities to protect the environment of the island and to initiate corresponding educational projects. Therefore we would like to dedicate a part of the income of the “Ikarian Panigyri” to this project idea.

Let’s stay together and make it happen – “Oli mazi” … as it is said on Ikaria!

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Ikarian Panigyri in Brussels 2019 | Buy Tickets