Summary of the General Assemblies on 17 Dec 2020 & 26 Jan 2021

  1. Background

Due to the fact that we could not reach the necessary quorum at the general assembly in December 2020, we had to convene a 2nd one on 26 Januar 2021. At that meeting it was possible to take decisions by simple majority of votes.

Underneath we are giving you a summary of the minutes of two general assemblies.

  1. Agenda

The agenda remained the same for both general assemblies:
– approval of the activity report 2020
– approval of the financial report 2020
– approval of the projects planned for 2021
– AOB -Membership fees: increase in the annual membership fees from 10 EUR to 20 EUR.

  1. Participants

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions also this general assemblies took place in an online-format. In addition the members were given the chance to send their votes in writing.

Participiation at the general assembly on 26 Jan. 2021:

– 11 members sent in their votes in writing before  the assembly;
–   5 members participated online.
In total: 16 members.

  1. Result

. 14 members agreed with all the topics of the agenda
.   2 members were against the increase of the annual membership fees.


– the reports are approved
– the executive board was relieved – Concerning the increase of the membership fees:
A comprise was found as follows:
–  The annual membership is 20 EUR
For families: when several members of one family are member oft he association the annual membership fee is as follows:
. first member of the family: 20 EUR/year
. all the other members oft he family: 10 EUR/year
For those in financiall difficulties: 10 EUR/year (this regulation is carried out on the basis of trust)

This compromise will be explained in a separate e-mail to the members of the association.

  1. AOB

During the online- meetings the following topics were discussed (summary):

5.1 How to start the projects foreseen in 2021?
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic it is still very difficult to foresee possibilities for activities – may it be in Brussels and beyond or on Ikaria.
Nevertheless it was decided to begin the preparatory work for the project „Planting trees on Ikaria“. Contacts with the local association of Plagia, where the project could start, were already taken during summer 2020. As more detailed information about the plants, material, costs are needed, Assimakis Katsiaris, our treasurer, will take contact with the association in the very next future. The members of „Friends of Ikaria“ will get an update on this project.

5.2 Support for the Ikarian association for children with special needs (AMEA Ikaria)
During the past 2 months AMEA IKARIA organized several events on Ikaria to raise the awareness for the difficult situation of the children with special needs on the island. At the moment the biggest problem is the transport of the children from the different villages to the school in Evdilos.
Therefore the association would like to buy 2 mini-vans to transport the kids to school on an every day basis.
It was discussed, whether „Friends of Ikaria“ can support the project. Having in mind our financial situation on the one hand and the necessary funds for the purchase of the mini vans on the other hand, it was decided observe the situation of AMEA Ikaria till March 2021. If by then we have a better overview of the situation of their project, we may open a „crowd funding“ project to collect money for this special case (like we have done for the fire-engine).

5.3 Membership:
The General Secretary explained the idea to address the members and to discuss their possibilities to be more active in the association.
a) This happens on the background that the association has 44 official members, but in 2020 only 23 paid their membership fees. Due to the fact that the association needs the income from the membership fees to finance projects on Ikaria, the association does need a sound financial basis.
b) It was proposed to integrate more members into the activities of the association. This could happen in form of writing something for the “Newsletter” or in being an active part in the implemention of a project.

5.4 Distribution of more information about Ikaria:
The question was discussed, if and how more information/news  about Ikaria could be distributed. An argument in the discussion was, that it could not be the aim of the publicity work of „Friends of Ikaria“ to replace a fully fledged newspaper about Ikaria or to re-publish the news of the mayors office, the radion stations and other association.
The management board will consider the request and will come back in due time  to the members with a more comprehensive idea.

5. 4.  Enhancing the publicity about the association “Friends of Ikaria”
The question came up, how to enhance the visibility of our association. The distribution of flyers at hotels incl. an application for membership should be considered.
The management board will discuss this idea and will come back to the members with a more comprehensive idea.