The “Volunteer Hiking Holidays 2023″on Ikaria are coming up

Save the dates: 10 April – 14 April 2023!!

You have started making plans for 2023? Include Ikaria and the „Volunteer Hiking Holidays“ from 10 – 14 April to your „must-do“-list.

Because it will offer you a unique possibility to discover the beautiful island of Ikaria outside the summer season AND: you will join a dedicated intenational group of hikers.
Who is organizing it? The association „Friends of Ikaria“ in cooperation with the local Ikarian Hiking Club „OPSIkarias“.

When will it take place?
The week before Greek Easter, that means 10 (Catholic Easter Monday) – 14 April 2023 (Holy Friday Greek Easter).

What are the „Volunteer Hiking Holidays“?
The idea is to create a 60 km long scenic hiking trail along the backbone of Ikaria, the ridge of the Mount Atheras, running all the way from the East to the West end of the island – the „Transikarian Trail“, also called „Atheras Ridge Walk“. OPSIkarias are in charge of this project, as they have started this voluntery work already some years ago and they are working on it on a continous basis.
The „Volunteer Hiking Holidays“ on Ikaria already have some tradition: We started this activity in 2017 and have repeated it every year until 2019 when the COVID-19 pandemic stopped us. But since 2022 we are back and eager to continue ‚the job‘.

What will happen?
During the 5 days of the project we will work together with OPSIkarias and we will mark the trails. This means: every day we will drive up tot he mountains to work there for about 5-6 hours. The work involves carrying a good number of wooden signs and the material and tools to fix these signs in the proper spots along the trail. Fort hat, you will need some experiences in hiking, adequate equipment and the willingness to make it happen. On Ikaria the hiking territory is neither too easy nor too extreme, but you need a bit of condition.
Normally we meet around 8.30 a. m. and then we will drive to the starting point. OPSIkaria will guide us and is responsible for the organisation of the day.
Around 4 p. m. we will return and then you have your leisure time.
At the moment we don’t have a detailed proposal for additional meetings in the evening. More info will come.
To sum up: Besides hiking and working in the trails across the amazing rocky landscapes of the Mount Atheras, the volunteers will also have a chance to learn more about the Greek-Orthodox Easter festivities on the island and they can explore the island in a different way.

How do we organize it?
“Friends of Ikaria” is organizing the group, sending information and will be in direct contact with the participants before the journey will start.
OPSIkarias is organizing the everyday field trips and is responsible for the organisation on the spot.

There are no fees!

This means, you are subscribing to our list of participants and that’s it.
The result: you get the organisation and the participation at these hiking holidays for free. OPSIkarias and „Friends of Ikaria“ are volunteering to make it happen, we don’t earn money from it.
BUT: we are expecting that you are committed to participate at the work on the trails, while you have subscribed. The success of the project is depending on the participants and we are counting on you to make it happen.

Organisation of your trip and your stay on Ikaria:
You are fully responsible for the organsiation of your trip to Ikaria and your stay on the island. Neither “Friends of Ikaria” or OPSIkarias will be in charge of it. But we will be available to help you with information about hotels, car rentals etc.
We will have special prices for car rentals, offered by 2 agencies on the spot.

In 2023 we will stay in the area of Raches. We will recommend an accommodation, but you are free to stay, whereever you wish to. But it would be good, if you could stay in the area so that you are able to reach the meeting points.

Expenses for food etc.
You are responsible for your expenses on Ikaria, this means also during the day, when we are in the mountains.

The program of the Volunteer Hiking Holiday is organized by volunteers = „Friends of Ikaria“ and the Hiking Club „OPSikarias“. You have no charges, but a donation to the associations of the organizers is always appreciated .

How to register?
Please send us an e-mail till 15 March 2023 to:
When you have registered, we are counting on you that you are participating. Please be committed to the project and the goal we want to achieve.

More info?

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